Lupe cordless vacuum cleaner, at long last a cordless vacuum cleaner that isn’t a copy of the market leader but designed by two ex Dyson engineers to produce remarkable results, The Lupe cleaner is not cheap but relies on unique design features that give it a very powerful performance on hard floors and carpets, the product is designed more like a cordless upright, which means the weight of the main motor is not in your hand like most cordless vacuum cleaners, but lower down to ensure the weight is better balanced, which is great if you have big areas to vacuum. The floor power head has a unique composite roller at the front which briefly encapsulates large pieces of debris picking them up effectively, in addition to this a high-powered brush bar groom’s carpets and picks up hairs. The Lupe is very versatile and converts into an above the ground cleaner ideal for stairs, hard places to reach and car interiors. The efficiency of the cleaner means that the battery life is one of the best on the market even in full power boost and the product has been designed to be easily updated in the future with new and better power batteries, floor brushes with sustainability in mind. The tools are well designed, the power nozzle on the foot can be turned off by a push of a button and it has one of the largest dust bins on the market for a cordless product. The tools are stored on the product and the product stays upright after use. A full review of the product will follow on but this product is a game changer, it has all the benefits of an upright but is cordless, it has one of the best performances in dirt pickup, it’s designed to be sustainable and the run time is one of the best on the market, a high price, yes but you are buying one of the best!