Which vacuum cleaner is the most powerful?

The answer to this question is what do you want to vacuum? is it carpet hard flooring, inside a car and more to the point how big an area do you want to vacuum?

All dry vacuum cleaners with power cords are restricted to a maximum of 900 watts, yet wet and dry cleaners have no restrictions and have wattages of 1700W and more. Cordless vacuum cleaners which are the most popular vacuum cleaner have voltages between 18V and 29V but this doesn’t mean that the highest are the most powerful. Cordless vacuum cleaners are very reliant on the air flow in the cleaner and what the battery is powering, within cordless vacuum cleaners those with powered heads are the most powerful at cleaning carpets. When looking at the different products you also need to take into account how long the battery lasts for, the longer the better but look at the disclaimers “Up to 60 minutes. Run time Suction mode” so when the rotary brush is turned off!

If you have a large area of carpet you still need to be able to cover the whole area as quickly as possible, so you might still be best with a traditional corded upright cleaner or powerful corded cylinder cleaner if you have a lot of hard flooring.

So my recommendations are split into two

Recommended Top 5 Most Powerful Cordless Cleaners

Recommended Top 5 Most Powerful Corded Vacuum Cleaners