Why buy a commercial vacuum cleaner? Some of the smaller commercial vacuums used in the industrial market are ideal for those heavy duty jobs like cleaning out the garage, patio and work shops.

Commercial cleaners tend to be built with greater capacity, have bigger pick up capacity of dust or liquids, larger cleaning tools and are heavy duty in their build. I have focused on the starter models of the commercial cleaners which are big boys toys for tough jobs. These products will lack some of the finer consumer features found on vacuums sold for the home but will have some interesting durable features like Inox stainless steel drums, very robust and easy to maintain. I have selected a few products which will help you clean those unusual cleaning tasks. Henry, the popular product from Numatic also make bigger capacity models which are well made. A good robust tank cleaner which also washes carpets and hard floors is the quality German made product t Thomas Bravo 20. I recommend the Thomas Inox Series, which are robust cleaners with a stainless steel tank ideal for keeping in a damp garage.