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Thomas 772 SEK Spin Dryer 2800rpm 3kg load


  • Uses significantly less energy than a tumble dryer
  • Compact and easy to store under the counter
  • Ideal for light loads of up to 3kg
  • 2800rpm means clothes almost dry in minutes
  • Easy and safe to use with safety brake on the spin cycle
  • Puts the “fluff” back into towels
  • Recommended for wool and delicate textiles
  • Designed to not need a rubber mat just use a damp cloth
  • Made in Germany



One of the best ways to save energy drying your clothes. Whilst tumble dryers are a very nice luxury, they are the most expensive electrical appliance to run according to Money Saving Expert. The Thomas 776SEK 3kg Spin Dryer will produce almost dry clothes ready to hang up with a spin cycle of around 3 to 5 minutes and not an hour compared to a tumble dryer.

With a spin cycle of 2800 revolutions per minute, the Thomas 772 SEK spins twice as fast as a washing machine cycle, leaving clothes almost dry in a few minutes. Clothes are conveniently placed into the top of the dryer and there is no need for a rubber mat to hold them down, just use a damp cloth. The lid is secured by an interlocking safety catch which put a brake on the spin cycle when you open the lid.

Those 2800 revolutions per minute have another benefit than just drying your clothes – it can make them last longer! This is because the massive centrifugal force generated by the Thomas 772 SEK 3kg Spin Dryer squeezes mineral deposits and pockets of leftover detergent concentration out of your clothes. Such chemical builds up over time can affect the longevity and strength of the fabric fibres in your clothes, so getting rid of them is a great idea!

This is the smallest spin dryer Thomas manufacture. Compact with a height of 56 cm, it can be tucked into a small space in the kitchen, laundry room, or even caravans and boats. There is no need for ventilation fittings that a tumble dryer needs to operate. All you need is to stick a bowl under the spout and this machine is ready to be used in any room of your house within minutes.

The Thomas 772 SEK spin dryer saves you money when you want to dry your clothes, it is very easy to store, the drying cycle is complete in a couple of minutes and the product is manufactured in Germany.


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