Carpets can be a big investment for the home, so it makes sense to give them some respect and ‘TLC’ through deep cleaning them. It pays to look after carpets and ensure they last as long as possible – that they still look and feel good. Deep cleaning carpets and rugs is the ideal way to do this. Buying a good quality deep cleaning appliance means it costs less than hiring expensive specialist cleaners to come into your home and do it. You can even share a deep cleaner with neighbours, friends and family – so your deep cleaning appliance can provide a sound return on your investment.

Complementing regular vacuuming, deep cleaning appliances quickly and efficiently clean carpets, leaving them invigorated by getting rid of the ‘hidden’ dirt. Deep cleaners shoot a high-pressure spray of hot tap water, and a special cleaning formula, deep into the base of a carpet’s fibres to effectively loosen most ground-in grime.

The machine then immediately extracts the ‘solution’, ensuring rapid drying. This process promotes a far healthier environment in the home, an especially key benefit where the family has allergy sufferers or pets.

We wash our hair, we wash our dirty clothes, wash the kitchen floor – so why not our carpets? Our carpets do take a pounding.

While regular vacuuming is good, it isn’t enough to give your carpets the rejuvenating tender loving care they deserve. Vacuum cleaners remove just a small proportion of a carpet’s deep-down dirt. What if you could protect your carpet from stains and clean it too? Well you can – with a deep cleaning machine. I recommend the Bissell, and the Vax.