Benefits of cordless vacuum cleaners

Everyone who has bought a cordless vacuum cleaner loves the fact that they are convenient, easy to use, easy to store and easy to access for immediate vacuuming. Cordless vacuum cleaners have revolutionised the way we vacuum our carpets and hard floors with no cord and much lighter vacuum cleaners.

How to choose a cordless vacuum cleaner

Premium Cordless

The choice on cordless vacuum cleaners however is not so simple with the brand leader Dyson and others selling a wide range of cordless cleaners, from “ ultra” expensive models down to expensive models, true a lot of engineering has gone into these cleaners and the back up support is excellent however how do you choose the right cordless for your needs. It is a bit like buying mobile phones in the old days, the different types of models and what they do is very confusing and an expensive mistake if you get it wrong, my advice is try to get the best value for money as possible, look at run time, the longer the better especially on boost, recharge time keep as low as possible and bin size, half a litre of dust is not a lot and even the .75 L isn’t that great as you must keep emptying the bin. Do you really need all those extra tools? It can add £200 extra to the cost of your vacuum cleaner! so my strong advice is cover these basics and then go for the best price on offer.

Value for money cordless

The advice is simple, don’t buy a cheap cordless vacuum cleaner! If your budget is £100 to £150 there are plenty of great corded vacuum cleaners for sale, Henry, Vax, Hoover, Miele and more, the cheap cordless vacuums are toys and will not last long as most of them are cheap rip offs of Dyson. If you still really want a cordless but don’t want to spend over £200 on a cordless vacuum cleaner then top of the range, Hoover, Vax, Bissell cordless vacuums are all worth looking at along with reduced priced, Gtech, Shark, Bosh and AEG. Biggest tip is to make sure the model you choose has a motorised floor nozzle (powered by the battery)

How important is the battery run time?

Everything! The longer the run time the more power available but be careful as the claims from the Brands can be misleading, my advice is to find out how long the product runs on Boost/Max/Full power, if it is only a few minutes then choose another product. Some manufacturers are claiming 2 hour and even three hours run time! but only because they supply an extra one or two batteries. Watch out for time claims for with the power nozzle turned off, sadly most brands use this as their main run time measure but all the manufacturers would honestly want to give as long a run time as possible but sadly battery technology has a way to go yet.

Recharge time

Naturally less time to recharge is a good thing but look at the maximum charge time for your measure between the products, as there are misleading claims on quick charges.

Bin size and emptying

Cordless vacuum cleaners are great because of their convenience of use but sadly not the bin, they are all too small and the emptying is not pleasant, who invented this idea? You get all that dust back onto your hands, clothes, face! So go for the biggest bin size possible to avoid emptying it so often!

Floor Nozzle

The floor nozzle is the “business end” of the cordless cleaner where most of the action happens and it is very important you choose a product with a good powered nozzle, the power comes from the main battery, please choose the floor nozzle with the right type of brush or brushes to clean your carpets or hard floor, these floor nozzles make a major difference to the performance of your vacuuming.


The whole idea of a cordless vacuum cleaner is you can access it quickly, vacuum and then put it away neatly. Best to choose products that have good storage and charge bases on the wall or at least fold away neatly, make sure they can store the extra tools.


If you have a good motorised floor tool, a normal crevice tool and dusting brush then do you really need extra tools? the choice is yours but the cost of the purchase will rise and you will only end up storing them in a bag in a cupboard!

Weight of the product in use

Cordless vacuums are much lighter than the traditional upright, cylinder or tank cleaner so naturally go for the lightest you can afford but make sure you have the motorised nozzle (battery powered) and look out for the ergonomics of using the product, Dyson has the weight in your hand whilst other brands Gtech, Lupe, Bosch, AEG, and Miele have models where the weight is closer to the floor so less weight on the arm.

The best cordless cleaner?

Dyson has led the way in premium cordless vacuum cleaners for a number of years, but now there are a number of brands that have brought different solutions to cordless vacuum cleaning and I suggest you look at Meile, Shark, Lupe, Bosch and AEG and for under £200 Hoover, Bissell and Vax.