The most popular type a vacuum cleaner is the cordless vacuum, most of the quality ones have battery powered rotating brushes which are ideal for cleaning carpets and a softer option for cleaning hard floors, sometimes this means using a separate floor nozzle which might come as an extra or a trade up on the model range. If you want to vacuum carpets, please ensure that you buy a cleaner with one of these powered rotating brushes.

Another good tool for a cordless vacuum is a powered hand tool which runs off the battery, but don’t pay too much for this as you won’t use it that often! With the cordless models the on-wall rack is a great way to store the product and charge it, or some of the products fold down to take less storage space.

There are many extra tools available to all cleaners from turbo nozzles to computer cleaning nozzles but I suggest you don’t pay too much for them, as I expect they won’t be used that often and are easily lost in the home!