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Air Force Blaster Car & Motorbike dryer B3-CD Metrovac

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  • Powerful blower ideal for removing water from cars and bikes
  • Durable all steel construction but lightweight
  • Blows out the last residue of water on wing mirrors, door handles and more
  • 3 meter  commercial grade hose
  • Heavy-duty neoprene blower nozzle
  • 5 additional blower attachments
  • Warms the air to 17 degrees C for a faster dry
  • Made in the USA


Introducing to the UK the way Americans clean cars and bikes. Blows the bubbles off cars and bikes when you wash your car to ensure a perfect finish “detailing” The Air Force® Blaster® Car and Motorbike Dryer offers a durable yet lightweight drying option. This powerful dryer has a 4 Peak HP, two-stage, dual fan motor. It easily and safely dries cars and motorcycles in minutes.

You’ll find that this high-powered dryer is perfect for getting water out of side-view mirrors, door jams, body seams, grills, lights and other difficult areas. The Air Force® Blaster® produces warm up to 17 degrees C, dry, filtered air that will not harm paint or chrome, while providing you with a flawless finish as water evaporates before water spots or streaks can form.

The Air Force® Blaster® features a 10ft commercial-grade hose, heavy-duty neoprene blower nozzle and 5 additional blower attachments. The unbeatable quality of the Metro Air Force® Blaster® Car and Motorcycle Dryer will give your ride the quality detailing it deserves.

Water can run, but it can’t hide. All steel yet weighing only eight pounds. Made in the USA by Mertovac an American family-run company established in 1939 and specializing in the best garage cleaning equipment.


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