Metrovac PRO-83BA-CS

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  • Powerful garage vacuum cleaner
  • Will vacuum into the smallest places in your car interior
  • Easy storage on the wall for vacuum cleaner 9 meter hose and tool kit
  • Easy to move around the car on 4 wheels
  • Powerful “blaster” blows dust and dirt out of difficult areas to reach
  • Powerful blower gives a perfect finish “detailing” removing bubbles after a car wash
  • Quality product.Made in the USA with a 2-year guarantee
  • Serviced and spare parts in the UK supplied by What Vacuum


A powerful vacuum cleaner boasting incredible suction power (an amazing 95″ of water lift) generated by the twin fan 4.0 Peak HP motor will clean your car’s interior in no time. Give your car a professional clean better than the car wash people. This product is designed to give you the very best way to clean your car and introduce you to “detailing” this vacuum cleaner will suck into every hidden spot in your car interior, every conceivable specialized detailing vacuum cleaner attachment you need, including 9 meters of car wash quality crushproof hose, a claw type upholstery tool, a crevice tool, a 3.8 cm to 3.2 cm hose cuff adaptor and more.

Every garage should have one of these vacuum cleaners, no big tank cleaners taking up space or ineffective handheld cleaners, this vacuum is designed to be stored on the garage wall with brackets to hold the cleaner, hose and attachment tools.

All the way from the USA is the concept of a vacuum cleaner that also blows, so you can blow into inaccessible areas around the steering wheel dashboard to dislodge dust and particles and get into real “detailing” by blowing off the last few bubbles left on the paintwork when you wash your car. Neat way to give that final finish after washing your car.

With the 9 meter of commercial quality hose, you can use the Vac N Blo® while it’s mounted on the wall or slip it off the wall and move it around your car.

Developed by an American family-run company Metrovac established in 1939 and has specialised in making light but very cleaners made in the USA

It’s a powerful machine to keep your vehicles pristine. 


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